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I had my boyfriend’s name tattooed on my forehead – people say I’ll regret it, but it’s my way of showing I love him

An influencer who got her boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ across her forehead has hit back at those who said she will regret it.

Polish-born Ana Stanskovsky, who’s currently living in Bali, shocked her 587,000 TikTok followers when she posted a video revealing her bold new ink.

The video captioned ‘My new face tattoo’ showed the influencer in a body modification shop, apparently getting her boyfriend Kevin’s name permanently on her head, in huge black cursive letters.

It zoomed in on the artist going over the stencil and Ana squirming in pain before she rushed over to the mirror and exclaimed: ‘Done? Okay let’s see. Oh my God, I love it. Wow, Kevin’s gonna love it’

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The influencer told viewers that despite the backlash, every time she looks in the mirror she is ‘in love’. 

‘I’m in love with the tattoo and I’m in love with my boyfriend,’ she said. ‘I think if you really love someone, you’ve just got to show it you know, you’ve just got to prove it.

‘So I think if your girlfriend doesn’t want to tattoo your name on her face, you just need to find yourself a new girlfriend because I don’t think she loves you.’

‘This is the way you’re showing your love, you know. 

‘I know many of you said I’m gonna regret that and what if we break up and all of this stuff, all of this horrible stuff and I just wanna say this is how I’m expressing my feelings so if I love someone, I’m doing this.

‘I’m loving it, I’m definitely never gonna regret that. How can I regret this? It’s beautiful.’

Although, some fans are still not convinced, commenting ‘Wait. Wasn’t it a joke?’ and ‘is that really real???!!!!!’

The TikToker’s boyfriend, who the ‘tattoo’ is dedicated to, is believed to be fellow influencer Kevin Freshwater – who has over 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Ana made a third video which showed her eating out in a restaurant, with her fresh tattoo still brandished across her head.

She said: ‘I don’t know why people don’t believe me, this tattoo is real. I’m literally eating my spaghetti in a restaurant.’

One viewer sarcastically wrote: ‘Great decision here. I don’t see how you could ever regret this.’

Others added: ‘Okay but we need to see this Kevin’ and ‘We need a reaction on what your boyfriend thought about it’.


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