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Parul University’s investment in infrastructure, alliance & Talent: The research-centric framework for Master’s program-Brands News , Firstpost


Parul University’s investment in infrastructure, alliance & Talent: The research-centric framework for Master’s program

Parul University’s investment in infrastructure, alliance and Talent

studio18 Last Updated:August 17, 2023 18:06:54 IST Parul University’s investment in infrastructure, alliance & Talent: The research-centric framework for Master’s program

New Delhi (India), August 16: Towards the advancement of society, STEM research plays a crucial role. In other words, the more the universities or other institutions for academic pursuits push research, especially cutting-edge probing related to science, the more they contribute towards the betterment of the world. Upholding this noble purpose, Parul University, a Vadodara-based institute of higher education, which is well-known across India, has dedicated a major share of its efforts to gearing its Faculty of Applied Sciences on being research-oriented. As a result, the Faculty of Applied Science has been, since its inception, handholding its Master’s cohorts towards R&D and fundamental research, and more importantly, has created a massive framework, both in terms of physical infrastructure and human capital.

Elaborating on the research-centric mindset of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Dr. Devanshu Patel, President of Parul University, said, “Parul University’s Faculty of Applied Sciences understands that if as a society we aspire to acquiring improved ease of life, improving access to resources and well-being of people, and for the sheer joy of learning, better understand the world, research is the way forward. While at the bachelor’s level, we focus mainly on building the required foundation and skills that train the scientific mind- although the thrust on research is still there- the Master’s programs come with a special emphasis on furthering our ambit of scientific knowledge. Consequently, we have left no stone unturned to invest in state-of-the-art facilities as well as brilliant minds that would enable cutting-edge research.”

Currently, the faculty offers Master’s programs in Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Genetics, Forensic Science, Environmental Science, Food Technology, Microbiology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Applied Mathematics, and Geology. What makes these programs so special is that beyond the scope of the discipline itself, the university strives to promote multidisciplinary research. To enable such advanced scientific undertakings, Parul University has established 60+ comprehensive science laboratories, complemented by a world-class library and other resources.

Further, the 700+ industry collaborations, which to a great extent revolve around R&D, help Parul University offer a steady platform to its students and faculty to be involved in in-demand undertakings that not just have a great scientific bearing but also industry-centric relevance. Similarly, the institute participates in joint ventures with reputed bodies such as the IAMA ( Indian American Medical Association) and Royal Academy of Engineering and major industry players and large-scale research projects such as Larsen and Toubro and the CABCIN project, respectively.

Further speaking for the massive effort Parul University puts in the direction of promoting academic endeavours, either independently or via conjoined efforts, Parul University has presented 5000+ papers and filed for 128 patents and copyrights. Additionally, the university’s 75+ Global Partnerships with major educational institutes play a pivotal role in creating a synergy of ideas. Apart from being the confluence of ideas, these projects serve as a platform for aspiring scientists to learn to collaborate, an essential skill for anyone who, given the nature of the domain, wants to make a splash in the STEM fields.

Finally, to promote the advancement of scientific research, Parul University invests in human capital as Name, Designation said, “The university recognises that beyond all the facilities, world-class or not, it’s the people that truly make the institution. This is why we bring together faculty members and alumni of IITs, NITs, IISc, and other leading educational centres, creating Parul University a congregation of bright minds.”

Today, given how research-oriented the industry has become, the placement figures also hold a mirror to the impressive research abilities of the Parul University cohorts. The average package stands at 8 LPA, while the highest-grossed package is 30 LPA, while major companies including DMart, Flipkart, Godrej, ICICI Bank, BYJU’S, IndusInd Bank, Adani Gas, Patanjali, Aditya Birla Group, Colgate, Asian Paints, Amul, and Amazon, among others, visit the campus placement drive.

In conclusion, it is clear that be it in academic output, collaboration or placements, Parul University today endeavours to top the chart in terms of every possible outcome for a robust research-centric education. In the coming years as well, the institute will continue to strive on that path of excellence.

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