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Craft Your Design Story: Parul University's B.Des Program – Where Innovation Meets Expression

Well-equipped workshops at Parul University for broad exposure to practical domains

studio18 Last Updated:August 09, 2023 14:24:24 IST Craft Your Design Story: Parul University's B.Des Program - Where Innovation Meets Expression

New Delhi (India), August 9: Design is a concept that many people are familiar with, yet defining it remains a challenging task due to its varied nature, which can adapt based on the context. However, Parul University, an esteemed educational institute located in Vadodara, Gujarat, has taken up the mission of nurturing creative minds and guiding them towards expressing their creativity in a productive manner. Parul University offers a comprehensive and innovative four-year integrated Bachelor in Designing degree program that covers a wide range of specializations. These specialized areas include Interior and Future Design, Fashion Design and Technology, Product Design, and Visual Communication.

In accordance, Dr. Parul Patel, Vice President, Parul University says, “By offering these diverse areas of expertise, the university provides students with an opportunity to explore and develop their skills in the specific field that aligns with their passion and interests. Parul University teaches design in a simple but new way. We help our students to be creative and original and also make them work hard”

The distinguishing factor of Parul University’s B.Des program lies in its exceptional approach to unleashing students’ creativity and showcasing it in a highly commendable manner. The program stands out with its regular events that highlight the importance of design, such as fashion shows and guest lectures featuring top-class designers. These events serve as a source of motivation for students, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones, embrace novelty, and create designs worthy of admiration.

The faculty at Parul University comprises experienced and accomplished professionals who are experts in their respective domains. They provide valuable guidance, mentorship, and knowledge, ensuring that students receive a top-notch education that prepares them for successful careers in the design industry.

As a multicultural institution, Parul University provides students with valuable opportunities to collaborate with diverse ideas originating from various places and cultures. This inclusive environment enhances the university’s creative atmosphere, enabling students to develop designs that seamlessly blend with and incorporate unique aspects from different cultural backgrounds.

Following a great legacy of providing students with the best quality of education, Parul University has earned several notable recognitions, including DISR recognition for quality research, NABL accreditation for excellence in clinical medical research, NABH accreditation for quality healthcare, and ARIIA Top 50 ranking for innovation achievements nationwide.

Parul University has also received numerous awards, such as being named the Best Private University in Western India by Praxis Media and the Best University in Placements by ASSOCHAM, as well as the Most Outstanding University in the West Zone for having the highest nationalities in the campus at the World Education Summit Awards, all in recognition of its excellence in education.

Furthermore, the university boasts of the highest package, 30 LPA and has collaborations with over  15 international universities.

In summary, Parul University stands as a reputable institution with a vision to unlock the potential of creative minds, channeling their passion into meaningful and impactful contributions in the field of design. With its specialized degree programs and commitment to excellence, it has rightfully earned its place among the leading institutions in the realm of design education.

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